• It’s Panic Monday (Because you missed Cyber Monday)

    Four days til Christmas, and I guarantee you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping (I know I haven’t). My newest accounting gift box is here just in time. Why mints? Because we’re going to be back in society soon, and you’ve been hitting the garlic pretty heavy during the last 8 months while you’ve been in isolation.
  • Thanksgiving and Accounting Are a Lot Alike

    You think surviving one Thanksgiving meal can be rough?  Imagine a 3-month long Thanksgiving meal where you’re constantly judged by your work family:

    • You’re still not a CPA? I thought you’d be a CPA by now. Janet over there is already a CPA. Don’t you want to become a CPA?
    • Who wants more billable work? It looks like you all have more capacity. Let me know when you’re ready for more so I can load up your plate.
    • Are you STILL working on your first assignment? Don’t you like it?
    • You’re leaving so soon?  No one else is leaving yet.  Come on, stay a little longer!