Thanksgiving and Accounting Are a Lot Alike

This holiday season I can’t help but reflect on the similarities between public accounting and Thanksgiving.

Both involve ample planning and teams of people

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast is quite the laborious process, and not too different from planning an audit:
  1. The partner oversees the drafting of the audit program guide, just as the host develops the menu.
  2. Partners rely on Managers to put the audit plan into action, just as the hosts entrust reliable friends and family members to tackle key side dishes and to get themselves and their own family members to the feast on time.
  3. Seniors have been around long enough to know how to Google anything.  Give them a side dish or dessert to be in charge of.  If they bring a store-bought item, they're fired!
  4. Associates are given something they can’t mess up, like setting the table.  If you’re grown and this is still your job, well just be thankful you still have a job.
  5. Interns are sooo eager to help but don’t know how to do anything, so give them an easy job but make it sound important. “You’re in charge of rolls.  Be sure you get enough for everyone.  There will be 12 people coming over.  Some people might want to eat two rolls.  Rolls are VERY important, and I know YOU can handle this crucial task.
  6. Then the partner/host comes in at the end, carves the turkey, sits at the head of the table, and congratulates the team on a job well done.

Both involve gatherings with people you’re obligated to tolerate

“I love working at ABC CPA because my coworkers are like family!!!”

You think surviving one Thanksgiving meal can be rough?  Imagine a 3-month long Thanksgiving meal where you’re constantly judged by your work family:

  • You’re still not a CPA? I thought you’d be a CPA by now. Janet over there is already a CPA. Don’t you want to become a CPA?
  • Who wants more billable work? It looks like you all have more capacity. Let me know when you’re ready for more so I can load up your plate.
  • Are you STILL working on your first assignment? Don’t you like it?
  • You’re leaving so soon?  No one else is leaving yet.  Come on, stay a little longer!

Both involve feeling miserable at some point

Gluttony is defined as the overindulgence and overconsumption of anything to the point of waste.

I don’t know what’s worse - three months of 70-hour, 7-day work weeks?  Or committing to try every variety of sides and desserts, even the store-bought ones that YOU KNOW DAMN WELL aren’t worth the calories.

“But this year will be different because of the pandemic”.  Yes, it will be different.  You don’t have to dress up to “look nice” for other people, so instead of being one pie slice away from popping the button off your slacks, you’ll be eating your feelings on the couch in comfy pants.

You have to do both every year

Congratulations! You’ve survived this year!! Only so we can do it all over again next year. Better get started on those weight-loss New Year's Resolutions so your family doesn't say you got fat next Thanksgiving.

At least in public accounting you have the ability to switch work families or leave the “busy season life” altogether.