Other Creative Accountants

"I love a crafty accountant" --said no public company shareholder ever

Check out these crafts and businesses below from other Creative Accountants.

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Who: Kristie Ondracek

What: Handmade cards and scrapbooking

Where: Website | Facebook | Instagram | RuBook Blog Post

Four Greeting Cards On a Table 

What's Your "And"?

Who: John Garrett

What: Author of "What's Your 'And'?", a book about how sharing your personal passions improves work performance, builds culture, and strengthens relationships with colleagues and clients.

Where: Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube


When I Grow Up I Want to be...an Accountant

Who: Adrian Mayse

What: Children's Book Author "When I Grow Up I Want To Be…An Accountant"

Where: Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Buy the Book!


Lecture PRO Publishing

Who: Mike Kowis

What: I write and self-publish nonfiction books and give author talks on the same topics.

Where: Website | LinkedIn

Mike Kowis Picture

RamsGirl Design

Who: Traci Lee

What: Knitting

Where: Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

RamsGirl Design scarves knitting creative accountant

C.P. Aiden

Who: C.P. Aiden

What: Writing office comedy novels about life in Big4 Accounting

Where: Buy the Books! | Twitter | LinkedIn

C.P. Aiden book The Good Audit paperback book with image of 10-key and computer mouse

The Office Art Guy

Who: Dave White

What: Creating personalized work gifts and funny office art

Where: Etsy - Office Art Guy | Etsy - Fine Art Prints

Dave White Office Art Guy display of camera, print, brushes, plant up against a wall


Accounting Couture

Who: Lukas Sundahl

What: Making accounting themed shirts and accessories

Where: Website | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

Accounting Couture | Accounting Themed Shirts & Accessories