Combining Accounting and Creativity in a Non-Fraudulent Way

RuBook Creative was founded in 2020 by Rubik Yeriazarian.  During his day job as a forensic accountant, Rubik encounters many individuals who give "creative accounting" a bad name.  

"Accountants can be creative, too"

--Former company executive serving time for financial statement fraud.

Enter RuBook Creative.  Our mission is to:

  • Prove that a "Creative Accountant" can also be GAAP-compliant
  • Offer products for accountants to send to clients, friends, and referral sources that quell the stereotype that accountants are boring
  • Provide encouraging and motivational products to accountants enduring busy seasons, the CPA exam, Mondays, or banal work environments
  • Groom the next generation of accountants with educational materials filled with subliminal messaging that instill a love and awareness of accounting in children


Please check out our full-listing of accounting-themed greeting cards and children's books and help spread creative accounting in a non-fraudulent way.