What the? FAQ

Find answers to common questions about RuBook Creative.  For any additional questions you may have that are left unanswered, please contact info@RuBookCreative.com


  1. What are my shipping options? Our standard shipping option is USPS First Class Mail (3-4 business days).  You can upgrade to USPS Priority Mail (1-2 business days) at checkout.
  2. How much is standard shipping? Our standard shipping option of USPS First Class mail (3-4 business days) is included in our product pricing.
  3. How much is the upgraded USPS Priority Mail shipping? You can upgrade at checkout for $7 per shipment.
  4. What do you mean by "per shipment"? When you view your cart, there is an option to "Ship to Multiple Addresses".  If you click this box, you can choose where you want each item shipped to.  For instance, if you order CPA Exam Motivation cards to ship to yourself to distribute in person, then order an Accounting Children's Book as a baby shower gift, you can choose to just expedite the shipping for the baby shower gift.
  5. Do you ship internationally? No, we currently only ship in the United States.  But if you live abroad and are purchasing a gift for someone in the United States, we can ship your order directly to the US-based recipient's address.

Gifting Options

  1. I want to purchase an item and send it straight to my lucky friend as a gift. How do I do that? When you find an item you like, click the box that asks "Is this a gift?"  Complete the "To", "From", and "Message" boxes, then enter recipient's mailing address at checkout.  You can also do this at checkout if you click the "Ship to Multiple Addresses" box.
  2. What happens if I include a "gift message" for an accounting-themed greeting card? We handwrite the message in the card, then the card is mailed straight to the recipient.
  3. I want to order a birthday card for a friend but their birthday isn't until next month. Should I just wait to order it?  You can order it today and choose a "Delivery Date" up to one year from today.  Otherwise you'll probably forget your friend's birthday completely and your friend will hate you for it.
  4. I'm an accountant and I use busy season as an excuse to not send any cards to friends or family members from January through April each year.  Can you help me be a better person? You can count on us.  You can order multiple accounting cards, books, or gifts in one purchase, choose different recipients by selecting the "Ship to Multiple Addresses" box as checkout, then choose a target Delivery Date for each shipment.

Product/Packaging Specifics

  1. What size are your cards? All of standard cards are A2 Card Size (4.25x5.5" when folded).  Our JUMBO Accounting Cards are printed on 11x17" cardstock (8.5x11" when folded).
  2. Do I get an envelope with my card purchase?  Yes, each card purchase comes with a custom ledger-paper lined envelope.
  3. I ordered an individual card.  How will it ship?  If you're sending the card as a gift directly to a recipient, the card will be sealed and mailed in the ledger-paper lined envelope.  If the card is being shipped to you so that you can later give it to a friend, we will put the card and envelope in a paper sleeve, place it in an A6 sized envelope, then mail it to you.
  4. I ordered multiple cards that I am shipping to myself.  How will it ship?  For orders up to three cards, we will mail the cards and envelopes to you within a larger A6 sized envelope.  For larger orders, we use a stay-flat envelope or  padded envelope at our discretion.
  5. Why don't you ship cards in a stay-flat envelope?  Shipping in a stay-flat envelope adds $3-4 in shipping costs per shipment.  I don't want to charge you $5 for a card, then an additional $3-4 for shipping.  By shipping the card in a larger A6 sized envelope within a paper sleeve, the card remains in good condition and excessive shipping costs are avoided.

Corporate/Bulk Orders

  1. Do you offer discounted pricing on large orders?  Yes, please contact info@RuBookCreative.com for more information.
  2. I'd like to purchase items to send to clients and employees.  Can you add my corporate logo to your cards and gifts?  Yes. For Greeting Cards, we can print your logo on the back of each card.  For gift options, we can print your logo onto a sticker that we can affix onto our gift packaging.


  1. I saw a subtle accounting joke or pun in one of your products.  Was it intentional?  Yes, the puns are always intentional.  We are hilarious.
  2. I'm looking for a card to celebrate an occasion that you currently don't offer.  Can you create a custom card for me?  We have several card designs that are still in process, so just contact us at info@RuBookCreative.com and we can let you know if we have something in the works to meet your need.