It’s Panic Monday (Because you missed Cyber Monday)

Four days til Christmas, and I guarantee you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping (I know I haven’t). My newest accounting gift box is here just in time.

Why mints?

Because we’re going to be back in society soon, and you’ve been hitting the garlic pretty heavy during the last 8 months while you’ve been in isolation.  But hey, let’s blame the fact that it’s safer NOT to go to the dentist for your regular cleaning.

Several firms and companies are accelerating their return to premises after the new year.  Don’t worry – I’m not asking you to start showering daily again, just buy some Debit & Credit breath mints to balance (pun intended…it’s always intended) the pH levels in your mouth.

It’s not me, it’s you

I for one hate flossing.  In fact, I have my teeth flossed for me exactly twice per year.  So I’m not ashamed to say that I could use a mint every once in a while.

But for you saints who brush, floss, and gargle regularly, help out a friend or coworker.  If they ask you if you bought it for them because you think their breath stinks, just say you couldn’t pass up the great accounting joke and thought they’d get a kick out of it!