Busy Season Madness! Meet the Cash Flow Division

So far we've introduced the Audit Division and Tax Division contestants.  Let's move on to the Cash Flow Division!

Before you start groaning yes, I admit, they're non-accountants.  But let's just assume they failed intermediate accounting and had to change majors to finance.

Just a reminder that polls will open this Thursday so you can vote for your favorite accounting characters in each round, and follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

Without further adieu, the Cash Flow Division:

#1 Seed: Gordan Gekko – “Wall Street”

This greed-loving financier is quite the antithesis of his #1 seed counterparts from the Audit and Tax divisions.

#2 Seed: Jordan Belfort – “The Wolf of Wall Street”

While some basketball teams operate a “run and gun” offense, Belfort’s game is more “pump and dump”. 

#3 Seed: Randolph & Mortimer Duke – “Trading Places”

The Duke brothers run Duke & Duke Commodities Brokers and look to make a run on the frozen concentrated orange juice market.  Will anyone stand in their way?

#4 Seed: Bobby Axelrod – “Billions”

The Billionaire CEO of Axe Capital hates being a 4 seed, but will his obsession with destroying those in his way lead to his downfall?

#5 Seed: Chandler Bing – “Friends”

Chandler works in “Data Reconfiguration”, which sounds like a fancy word for accounting.  If you want to stay Friends, don’t mess with his Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics (WENUS).

#6 Seed: Marty Byrde – “Ozark”

If you think your busy season is stressful, try running a money laundering operation for a drug cartel while simultaneously operating a strip club and a casino. 

#7 Seed: Patrick Bateman – “American Psycho”

Don’t insult “Huey Lewis and the News” unless you want to unleash the dark side of this investment banker turned serial killer.

#8 Seed: Seth Davis – “Boiler Room”

After working at brokerage firm JT Marlin, Davis grows to loathe their “Pump and Dump” tactics and vows to shut down the boiler room.

#9 Seed: Bud Fox – “Wall Street”

A junior stockbroker with great ambitions, can Fox focus on his first round matchup or is he looking ahead at the possibility of facing off against his idol turned nemesis Gordan Gekko in later rounds?

#10 Seed: Chris Gardner – “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Chris Gardner has been the underdog for much of his life, turning an unpaid internship into a full-time position with brokerage firm Dean Witter Reynolds, all while being homeless.

#11 Seed: Andy Dufresne – “The Shawshank Redemption”

After being wrongfully convicted of a double-murder, the former bank VP gets assigned to laundry duty – money laundering that is – to assist the greedy Warden’s financial crimes.

#12 Seed: Billy Ray Valentine – “Trading Places”

If you think betting on the NCAA Tournament is high-stakes, how about betting that you can turn a street hustler into a successful stock broker?  That’s how Valentine got his chance with Duke and Duke, and he’ll be riding that momentum into a hopeful upset in his 5 vs. 12 matchup.

#13 Seed: Taylor Mason – “Billions”

Before you fill out your next self-evaluation, just remember that Taylor Mason was promoted from intern to Chief Investment Officer within a year of being at Axe Capital.  Taylor will have their hands full with a first-round clash against their mentor turned archrival Bobby Axelrod.

#14 Seed: Steve Rhoades – “Married with Children”

A former banker who one time had aspirations to become bank president, Rhoades eventually pursues his dream of becoming a forest ranger.

#15 Seed: Paul Allen’s Business Card – “American Psycho”

Quite possibly the most famous business card in movie history, which no doubt led to mass increases in watermarks being used on business card.  But are there enough American Psycho fans to drive an unlikely upset by this 15 seed?

#16 Seed: Leland Owlsley – Marvel Comics

The former successful financier turned crime boss, it would take a Marvel-ous performance for the Owl to upset the #1 Seed.

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