Busy Season Madness! Meet the Tax Division

In our last post we introduced our "Audit Division" contestants.  Let's move on to the "Tax Division"!

Just a reminder that polls will open this Thursday so you can vote for your favorite accounting characters in each round, and follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

Let's meet our competitors from the "Tax Division":

#1 Seed: Irwin R. Schyster (IRS) – “WWF”

A tax accountant turned wrestler, IRS encourages all to pay their fair share in taxes.  And if they don’t, he’ll beat them with a folding chair.  Check out some of his tax tips here.

#2 Seed: Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas – “Midnight Run”

Accountant Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas is being hunted down by a bail bondsman’s bounty hunter (say that 5 times fast) and the mob boss he embezzled $15 million from.

#3 Seed: Oscar Wallace – “The Untouchables”

Eliot Ness couldn’t take down Al Capone without the help of Wallace, a Treasury Department accountant who comes up with the idea to arrest Capone for tax evasion.

#4 Seed: Ben Wyatt – “Parks and Recreation”

Before falling in love with the exuberant Leslie Knope, Ben Wyatt was a state auditor tasked with looking into Pawnee’s use of funds.(sidenote: dating the auditor is apparently a good way to get them off your back).

#5 Seed: Skyler White – “Breaking Bad”

The accountant wife of a chemistry teacher turned drug manufacturing kingpin, Skyler White uses her financial skills to help launder drug money through a car wash.

#6 Seed: Loretta Castorini – “Moonstruck”

Loretta, a recently widowed accountant, does not want to lose the tax benefits of filing a joint return.  So she hastily accepts her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, but soon after falls in love with his brother.

#7 Seed: Albert Brennaman – “Hitch”

A shy accountant hires a date doctor to help him seduce his wealthy and attractive client. He somehow manages to put the “engagement” in “engagement letter” while abandoning all ethical and moral sense in the process.

#8 Seed: Angela Martin – “The Office”

Angela heads the accounting department at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch.  When she’s not chasing down missing receipts for expense reports, Angela plays a prominent role on the office “Party Planning Committee”.

#9 Seed: Oscar Martinez – “The Office” 

“The Office”. Oscar is a staff accountant at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch. He was spared the embarrassment of having to play on Michael Scott’s basketball team during the office staff’s matchup against the warehouse team. 

#10 Seed: Harold Crick – “Stranger than Fiction”

Crick is an IRS agent who begins to hear voices in his head.  He later learns that his life is being narrated by an author’s literary work in process.  If this happens to you, please take some PTO immediately.

#11 Seed: Paul Giamatti as the Celebrity Accountant

“People ask what sort of person should become a celebrity accountant and I tell them nobody…nobody should.”  If you ever have to tell your clients “you can’t claim that as a dependent…because it’s inanimate!!”, then you feel this Celebrity Accountant’s pain.

#12 Seed: Robert Drake aka Iceman ("X-Men")

Living proof that CPAs are superheroes, hopefully none of Iceman’s X-Men duties coincide with busy season.

#13 Seed: Petyr Baelish – “Game of Thrones”

“The Master of Coin finds the money, the King and the Hand spend it”.  A former brothel owner, Baelish isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to obtain funding for his King.

#14 Seed: Louis Tully – “Ghostbusters”

When there’s something strange, on your W-2.  Who you gonna call?  This Ghostbuster – Louis Tully – who is a seasoned accountant.

#15 Seed: Notorious BIG’s Accountant

Notorious BIG’s early hit “Juicy” contains perhaps the greatest lyrical shoutout to an accountant in history.  At one moment we’re astonished to learn that Biggie’s phone bill could be $2,000, but relieved to know that his accountant is handling it.  “Phone bill about 2 G’s flat, no need to worry my accountant handles that.”

#16 Seed: Grady Fletcher – “Murder She Wrote”

Grady, Mystery Maven Jessica Fletcher’s nephew, spent a stint working as an accountant, which resulted in an IRS audit and someone being murdered.  He’s a 16 seed for a reason.

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