2021 Accounting Graduation Gift Guide

It’s graduation season! What types of graduation gifts are best for accountants (aside from CPA exam study materials)?  You can’t go wrong with an accounting greeting card with some cold hard cash.

How about a Reality Check?

Before you get too carried away with celebrating graduation, don’t forget about that monster that is the CPA Exam that’s waiting for you - and it’s even harder than Advanced Accounting.  

Send an accounting graduation card with a gentle reminder that there’s still plenty of studying left in your recent graduate’s near future.


So much for scheduling all your classes after lunchtime.  Now you’ll have to wake up and be presentable before 9am.  Coffee certainly helps.

Accounting gift coffee mints accounting themed greeting card in a gift box

Our coffee and mint gift box is the perfect pairing for a young graduate who needs a caffeine boost and a tin of accounting-themed mints to mask their coffee breath.

Need Other Ideas?

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