2021 Accounting Gift Guide

“What should I buy an accountant for Christmas” is a question many of you are asking yourselves right now.  Yes, the Thanksgiving holidays are over and Christmas shopping is in full swing.  Well...kinda.  We all know you’re going to procrastinate until the weekend of December 18-19, but you can at least jot down some gift ideas between now and then.

You may be shopping for accounting friends or coworkers for an office party, White Elephant, or Secret Santa.  Or maybe you’re a non-accountant with a significant-other who is an accountant.  Heck, maybe you’re the accountant and you don’t even know what to put on your own Christmas list!

Gifts for accountants may come in all shapes and sizes, but one irrefutable fact is that every accounting gift goes best with an accounting-themed greeting card.  That way, even if your gift bombs, at least your accountant got a chuckle out of the witty accounting joke or the ledger-paper lined envelope (that is, of course, if you bought the card from RuBook Creative).

So what do accountants want for Christmas - Calculators? Neckties? Pencils? NO!!!

Picture of an accounting-themed greeting card showing Santa reading a Christmas list from an accountant with a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies nearby, atop a ledger-paper lined envelope.

Real-life Christmas List from an Accountant

Senior Associates are the hottest thing right now - even hotter than a “Tickle Me Elmo” doll during the 1996 holiday season.  You probably can’t score one of those for your accounting friends (unless maybe you’re a recruiter or have been hanging around Young Professional happy hours the last 6 months).  Instead, check out the gift ideas below that any CPA, tax accountant, auditor, or accounting student, is sure to love:


No, not coffee mugs.  COFFEE.  A coffee mug that says “#1 Accountant” can do more harm than good.  Picture it:

  • Client: “What do you mean you can’t get me a tax refund? Are you the '#1 Accountant' or what?”
  • Manager: “I wouldn’t think that a ‘#1 Accountant’ would need all these review notes…”
  • Partner: “#1 Accountant? Did someone audit that?” (forced laughter erupts)
  • Coworker who also has a #1 Accountant Mug: “There can be only one…”

No, buy the actual coffee instead. Coffee beans are great since, after all, we are bean counters.  It’s hard to buy coffee accessories like a french press or coffee grinder if you don’t know whether your accountant actually has these things, so just buy the coffee!

Check out our Coffee & Mint Accounting Gift Box combo, which comes with a sampling of medium and dark roasts from D.A.D Coffee Company, a tin of accounting-themed breath mints, as well as a card of your choice:

Accounting themed gift box with coffee, mints, and an accountant greeting card

You can get this gift box or any other gift from our website shipped directly to your accounting friends!


Well duh.  Alcohol is a perfect gift for accountants who are looking to enjoy themselves before the upcoming busy season, who are looking forward to relaxing with a drink after a 14 hour day, or a CPA exam taker who is wanting a special bottle to celebrate the passing of a CPA exam section.

Not sure what type of booze to buy?  MACRS Mark is an accounting favorite, but play it safe and buy a gift card from a liquor store and send it in a RuBook Creative greeting card! 

Accounting Books for Tax Lovers

No, not “text books”, TAX books!  Know a tax accountant who is a walking talking Internal Revenue Code?  Test their tax acumen with American Tax Trivia by Mike Kowis.

This book is a must-have gift for tax accountants.  Order it for your office White Elephant party and it’s sure to be the most talked about gift.  You can also take it to your next accounting happy hour and turn it into a drinking game.

You can learn more about Mike Kowis in the “Other Creative Accountants” section of our website.

Other Fun Books by Accountants, For Accountants

Accountants will love taking a break from their CPA Exam Study Guides to read these fun accounting books:

You can learn more about each author in the “Other Creative Accountants” section of our website.

Accounting Children’s Book

For lighter reading, check out the tale of General Ledger and the Kingdom of Balance

Accounting Children's Book General Ledger and the Kingdom of Balance

When the Kingdom of Balance falls out of balance, King Cash calls on his most trusted advisor, General Ledger, to lead his Army Account-Ants to the lands of Debit and Credit in order to find the cause before Balance sinks into Bankrupt Sea.

This accounting children’s book is not just for children.  It’s 16 pages of accounting puns and jokes that are sure to make any accountant groan with delight.  It makes for a quick, fun read after a particularly taxing week.

Of course, it also makes a great gift for kids and babies.

Audible Gift Cards

Accounting books not your thing? Play it safe with an Audible gift card.  Audible is a great gift especially for accountants who will be back in traffic as they begin to travel into the office on a full-time or hybrid schedule.

Plus everyone will be making their New Year's Resolutions, so Audible is perfect for those looking to kick off the new year with a motivational or inspirational book.  In a year, your gift recipient will look back at you and thank you because your gift directly contributed to all their successes in 2022.

But they’ll only remember that YOU gave them the gift card if you send it in a memorable RuBook Creative accounting-themed greeting card.  So order a card today!

Balanced Snacks Gift Box

Like a squirrel storing nuts for winter, accountants horde snacks for busy season.  Order our Balanced Snacks Gift Box, which comes with two nut-based snack mixes and an accounting-themed greeting card of your choice.


Other RuBook Creative Gift Boxes

Not nuts for nuts?  Check out our other accounting gift boxes from RuBook Creative.  Each comes with your choice of an accounting-themed greeting card.  We can handwrite the card with your custom message inside and mail it straight to the gift recipient!

Other Subscription Boxes

Gift subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving.  You can order a coffee subscription from our partner D.A.D. Coffee Company, or check out a website like CrateJoy to search for various subscription box options by recipient, interest, or price.

Support Other Accountants

Check out gifts and crafts offered by Other Creative Accountants that we’ve featured on our website:

  • Custom Greeting Cards from Live.Capture.Remember. 
  • Knitting Kits from RamsGirlDesign.  Either send the kit as a gift, or order a kit to make a handmade gift for your family or friends.

Gourmet Snacks

Gourmet snacks are a great gift as both corporate gifts to accounting firms and for individual gifts to accountants.   I didn’t think it would be possible to get tired of cookie trays, but I’d much rather have a gourmet tin of candied nuts or a gift box of soft pretzels!

  • Fredlyn Nut Company - we use Fredlyn Nut Company for our accounting gift box selections, but you can order larger gift items straight from their website.
  • Eastern Standard Provisions I'm trying them for the first time this year.  You can't look at their website and NOT want a soft pretzel.
I hope these gift ideas are helpful for you when you’re shopping for your accounting friends, coworkers, and family members.  Or if you don’t want to send them a gift, you can always spread Christmas joy with an accounting-themed holiday card.