Why You Should Order Holiday Cards THIS WEEK!

I know you’re probably thinking you have plenty of time before the holidays, especially with that extra hour we have thanks to the time change, but believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner.

And with the holidays so close, it’s the perfect week to buy Christmas cards for all your friends, coworkers, clients and prospects!

No Need to Check Your Calendars

Let’s break down the next few weeks:

Week of 11/7 – Baseball is over, the Halloween sugar rush is wearing off, it’s the perfect week to order holiday cards and start working on that mailing list.

Week of 11/14 – You’ll be busy with real work since you’re planning to take off the following week for Thanksgiving and are having to front-load two weeks of work into one.

Week of 11/21 – You will be preoccupied with finding answers to all these questions this week: Is there really a turkey shortage?  Do you have gluten-free/vegan/keto sides for your guests with food allergies or preferences? Do you even want to spend time with your combative family members after the mid-term elections?

Week of 11/28 – You’ve gained 5 pounds from Thanksgiving.  Lose the weight by walking to the post office to drop off those holiday cards you’ve been filling out this week!

Why You SHOULDN'T Wait Until December to Order Holiday Cards

Well the obvious reason is that if you procrastinate until December you just won’t do it.  By December, you’ll already start receiving holiday cards from other folks, which makes you think “oh, I’m too late, I guess I’ll just do it next year”.

Logistically, it's best to order them now so you can mail them out right after Thanksgiving.  Most holiday cards are received the week or two after Thanksgiving, and those are the last two weeks that most people will be in their offices to close out the year before taking PTO (or at least working remotely) for the rest of the year.

But What If You're a Remote Worker?

For you remote workers, December might be the one time that you’re back in the office for a day or two with office holiday parties or gift exchanges like Secret Santa or White Elephant.  So order your cards in advance so you can pass them out when you see people.

What If You Don't Know Everyone's Address?

It’s okay if you don’t know the address for everyone you want to mail a card to.  Here’s an easy work around:

Friends – Hand your card to a friend at a happy hour, lunch, or other December social gathering.

Co-workers – Just mail the cards to the office, or if you’re in the office, just drop them in people’s office mailboxes.  Otherwise, have your cards in-hand to pass out in-person on the day of office holiday parties or gatherings.

Clients or Prospects – Your firm or company has their address for invoices, and I’m sure they’d love to receive a holiday card from you instead of another invoice at the end of the year (there will be plenty of time for those during the upcoming busy season!).

Need an Extra Incentive? How About 20% Off!

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