Why Send Holiday Cards?

The holidays are fast approaching, and for some folks they’re already here (I’m talking about you, Hallmark Channel).  That means it’s time to get your holiday card game plan together.

Sending cards to clients, prospects, or referral sources

This is your opportunity to end the year on a high-note or set the tone for next year.  Why waste that opportunity with a boring, cookie-cutter holiday card that’s going to end up in the garbage within a week (if not immediately).

Audit and tax professionals, you’re about to spend an inordinate amount of time with clients in the next few months.  Send them a memorable holiday card and who knows, maybe your clients will be motivated to make it their New Year’s Resolution to fulfill your PBC list before you arrive on site.

Public accounting professionals, if you have prospects or referral sources that you’re trying to win business from, picture yourself in the holiday edition of the Bachelor.  Each contestant sends in a holiday card, the Bachelor spreads all the cards out on their desk, and the contestant with the worst card doesn’t get a rose.

It’s a Start, and Not a Cold-Call

Unlike cold-calling, holiday cards are expected.  Sending a memorable holiday card gives you something to build off of during the subsequent months rather than having to start from scratch.  Here are a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: You fail to send a memorable card

  • You: “Hi there, I hope you enjoyed your holidays.  Are you free for a catch-up call sometime this week?”
  • Target: “I’m really slammed right now, and I hope you forget to reach back out, otherwise I’ll just ignore your calls and emails.”

Scenario 2: You send a memorable card and reach out to your target post-holidays

  • You: “Hi there, I hope you enjoyed your holidays.  Are you free for a catch-up call sometime this week?”
  • Target: “I feel obligated to reply to your email because I want to acknowledge your fantastic holiday card.  As a result, I also feel obliged to acquiesce to your request for a meeting."

Scenario 3: You send a memorable card and your target likes it so much they reach out to you

  • Target: “That card was hilarious, and I’ve never seen a ledger-paper lined envelope before!  Happy holidays to you as well.”
  • You: “I’m glad you liked it! Let’s reconnect in January!”
  • Target: “Sounds good, I think much more highly of you now, especially compared to your competitors, and am looking forward to our meeting.”

Don’t just take my word of it, here’s what a marketing expert has to say:

To convert a prospect to a client requires 7-12 touch points over the sales cycle, which could be in the form of a meeting, an email, a lunch or coffee or a personal note.  Rubik's cards are a great way to not only create another touch point, but to do so in a creative and memorable way.  Buy a stack, keep them in your desk drawer, and use them to connect with people in your pipeline in a memorable way.

--Bill Penczak, Founder & CEO, MICA Ventures, an outsourced Chief Revenue Officer consulting firm www.mica.ventures

So take the effort to send out holiday cards. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, check out our "mail them for me" options or contact info@rubookcreative.com and we’ll send out your holiday cards for you!