Valentine’s Day Is Not for Accountants

It’s Valentine’s Day.  If you’re an accountant, it probably means you’re disappointing your significant other.  Why? 


It’s not because you don’t love your significant other – they knew what they were getting into when they got involved with an accountant…or at least they found out after your first Valentine’s Day together.

Just think back to the earlier years of your accounting career…

  • You’re in your first year of busy season and have no idea what to expect, so you just sit at your desk until someone tells you that you can leave. Sure makes it hard to make reservations under that schedule.
  • You’re an experienced staff and have been dating someone, but your scornful single Senior (I impressed myself with this alliteration!) refuses to acknowledge 2/14 as any different type of work day.
  • You’re the Senior now, and you decide to take pity on your staff and be a responsible Senior and let everyone off early on 2/14, but your client had other plans. They finally closed out the 12/31 books and dumped it on you on 2/13.  I guess the client’s accounting team can at least enjoy Valentine’s Day…

Are accountants inherently not romantic?  Surely not! I’m sure there’s a CPA somewhere struggling through their own personal tax return thinking “if only I could double my standard deduction next year…”.  Can you get more romantic than that?

If you need help coming up with ways to propose to lock-in these future tax savings, use this article from Turbo Tax as inspiration.   

“There are many good reasons to get married—true love and compatibility being among the best. Here are 7 tax advantages of getting married and tips for making the extended honeymoon a little sweeter when you prepare your tax return” 

My favorite part is how it explains that your spouse may be a tax shelter.  Sign me up!!!

Need a gesture of love in a pinch?

I default to baked goods.  I first saw this recipe for a “Pan Cookie” on the show “Nadiya Bakes”, and I’ve probably made it about ten times.  It’s my go-to recipe when I’m looking for a late-night sweet treat:

The beauty of the recipe is that you don’t have to make individual cookies or preheat your oven.  Everything goes in one pan on your stovetop.  Click here to check it out!

Yes, the measurements are in metric.  But you’re an accountant – you’ve got a spreadsheet that and have been wanting an excuse to use the CONVERT function.