The Perfect Birthday Card for an Accountant Doesn’t Exi…

It’s been a while since my last blog post.  I've been spending a lot of time on my new firm – Flat Fee Consulting, LLC – where I provide financial forensics services and help CPA firms clean up the garbage data they get from their clients (think of it as having an outsourced Excel and data helpdesk).  But I’m finally back to creating new accounting greeting cards!

AND I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally done it.  After a few years of brainstorming and designing cards, I’ve come up with the perfect birthday card for accountants: 

It’s got it all:

  • First off it’s a big T-account that opens up from the middle. What accountant doesn’t love T-accounts?  A trusty tool from our earliest accounting classes, the T-account is still used admirably by the most veteran accountants when plotting out particularly cumbersome journal entries.
  • Accountants like their alcohol plenty.  Alcohol is quite possibly an accountant’s second most trusted tool (right after the T-account).
  • Reference to the elusive “Work-Life Balance” that progressive CPA firms claim to offer yet fall short of in most situations.
  • What accountant wouldn’t want a nap on their birthday?  Your birthday is the perfect excuse to not be billable, so you might as well store up some energy so you can double-up on hours tomorrow.
  • Of course it comes with our ledger-paper lined envelopes, so if the T-account doesn’t get an accountant all nostalgic, some ledger paper will.

So tee one up for your next accounting birthday celebration by ordering here.  If this card doesn’t make your accounting friends smile, then are you even sure they’re actually an accountant?