Thankful for Cookie Day

It's that time of year to reflect upon the things that we're thankful for.  As an accountant, I'm thankful for 1) Microsoft Excel, 2) being mostly paperless, and 3) coffee. As a dessert fiend, I'm thankful for...


What is Cookie Day?

Cookie Day is one of my wife's family's Christmas traditions where they get together as a family and make a TON of cookies.  Each person makes 3-5 different varieties, then everyone splits up all the cookies so everyone has ~25-30 different types of cookies.  The cookies can then be either eaten (duh) or packaged as gifts for friends and colleagues.  

Since I first learned about Cookie Day, I have taken it upon myself to stay up until the cookies arrive (it's usually near midnight all the baking, packing, and cleaning is completed), then I sample each cookie and rate them in an Excel spreadsheet (duh). I can only imagine that each baker is eagerly anticipating my verdict.  The winners have one year of bragging rights, while the losers have about 365 days to hone their recipe or research new ones until the next Cookie Day.

Here is this year's slate of cookies:

Table of 25 cookies on yellow post-it notes

A Clear Winner Emerges from the Pack

It's not easy to eat 25 cookies then rate the top varieties.  I've already fallen asleep 3 times while trying to type this blog post while riding the rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows.  Some cookies were puzzling (maybe it was a surprising flavor or texture), others did not warrant a second bite (at least not from my palate), while one clear winner emerged from the pack...

 Picture of a tiramisu sandwich cookie on top of a yellow post-it note sitting atop a wooden coffee table

The Tiramisu Sandwich Cookie caught my eye as the cookies were being laid out.  I was hyping it up in my mind just based on looks alone, and I was fully ready to be disappointed after tasting it.  However, this cookie did not disappoint.  It smelled amazing (like fresh ground coffee beans!), its cookies were the ideal level of chewiness, sweet without being overly sugary, and its mascarpone cream filling melded the cookie layers into the perfect bite.  If I was Paul Hollywood from the Great British Baking Show, the baker of this cookie would have gotten a handshake.

Honorable Mention goes to this "Roly Poly Santa" cookie, although I think it looks like a baby dressed for Christmas, so I dubbed it the "Santa Baby" cookie.  This cookie wouldn't have won an award on taste alone, but it was the "Best Dressed" in my opinion.

Sugar cookie shaped like Santa Claus on top of a yellow post-it note atop a wooden coffee table.

What Are You Thankful For?

What are you thankful for this holiday season?  Or rather, who are you thankful for?  Family? Friends? Coworkers?  If your family doesn't bake 25 varieties of cookies that you can subsequently pack and gift to those you are thankful for, consider sending a car this holiday season!  ***SHAMELESS PLUG*** You can still order your accounting-themed Christmas cards today from RuBook Creative, or check out the Other Creative Accountants section of our website for other gift ideas to show your appreciation to those you are thankful for.

If you're planning on sending holiday cards, now is the perfect time to order so that you can receive the cards the week after Thanksgiving then mail them out so that they are received before the holidays.

Stay tuned for our upcoming "Accountant's Gift Guide" which will contain gift ideas that are perfect for any accountant, and are sure to spice up your office White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange.

My sugar high has officially worn off.  I'm powering down for the night.  In the (almost) words of Stanley Hudson from The Office, only 364 days left until the next Cookie Day.