Sorry I forgot your ___, but it’s busy season

Ah busy season, the perfect excuse for accountants to neglect their family, friends and coworkers.  Surely they all understand by now.  It’s not our fault their baby was born in Q1.

 …But what if there was a way...

...That instead of you apologizing, you’d be receiving praise like “oh my gosh I can’t believe you remembered my ___, I know you’re so swamped this time of year!”

Well call me Enrique Iglesias, because I can be your hero.

We’ve recently added scheduling to our website.  So when you find an item you like, and you say “this would be perfect for so-and-so’s birthday in March”, you can order it now and schedule a future delivery date (otherwise it defaults to the current date):

Then just tell us what thoughtful message you’d like written in the card, we’ll fill it out for you, and mail it for you so that it arrives near the designated delivery date.

If you want to order multiple cards or gifts at once, you can do that as well!  Whether you want to knock out all of your “busy season” gifting at once, or order gifts for your team, you can do that in one purchase.  At checkout, just click the box that says “Ship to Multiple Addresses” and you can choose to send each item to a different recipient:

So be a hero this busy season with RuBook Creative.  Check out any of our gift boxes or cards, and order some today to ship out anytime throughout busy season.

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