RuBook Creative: Redefining Creative Accounting

Hello everyone,

In 2020, amidst the world of numbers and balance sheets, RuBook Creative was born out of a unique vision by Rubik Yeriazarian, a forensic accountant by day and a creative enthusiast by heart. Rubik's encounter with the darker side of "creative accounting" in his professional life sparked an idea that led to the inception of RuBook Creative.

Our Mission: Creativity Within the Bounds of GAAP

Our mission at RuBook Creative is multifaceted yet rooted in a singular belief: Accountants can be creative too. We aim to:

  1. Prove that a "Creative Accountant" can also be GAAP-compliant: We're here to redefine the term 'creative accounting' and show that it can be innovative, engaging, and, most importantly, ethical.
  2. Offer products for accountants that break the stereotype: Gone are the days when accountants were labeled as boring. Our range of accounting-themed greeting cards adds a touch of creativity and humor to the profession.
  3. Provide encouragement and motivation: Whether it's enduring busy seasons, tackling the CPA exam, or getting through a mundane Monday, our products are designed to uplift and inspire accountants.
  4. Groom the next generation: With our educational materials and children's books, we aim to instill a love and awareness of accounting in kids, ensuring the future of the profession is bright and creative.

Creative Accounting, the Right Way

At RuBook Creative, we believe in spreading the joy of creative accounting without crossing any ethical lines. Our products are a testament to the fact that accounting can be fun, artistic, and compliant all at the same time.

We invite you to explore our full range of accounting-themed greeting cards and children's books. Let's join hands in spreading the word about creative accounting in a non-fraudulent way.

Check out our offerings at and be a part of this creative revolution in the accounting world.

Together, let's add a splash of creativity to the world of numbers!


The RuBook Creative Team