Restatements are funny when it's not your client...and fiction

If you’re looking for a new book to read while on PTO during the summer, look no further than Restatement by C.P. Aiden. (Check it out on Amazon here).  I only audited for 5 weeks of my life, but in my opinion this is the most realistic portrayal of auditing ever put in writing. 

Restatement is a story about the audit team at “The Accounting Firm” getting their vacation cut short because – you guessed it – their client Widget Maker is facing a massive Restatement over material amounts of inventory that were left off the books. 

And get this – there’s FRAUD! So much more exciting than the mundane audits you worked on earlier this year, right?

Wouldn't it be hilarious if your own audit partner calls you about a restatement while you’re reading this book?  Look on the bright side, this book will guide you on how to finesse the partner and the client to lead to a quick and painless restatement! 

Restatement is the second installment of C.P. Aiden's "Office Comedy Novel" about the audit team at The Accounting Firm and their large but terrible client Widget Maker (buy it here).  You can check out his first novel - The Good Audit - using this link. You can also follow C.P. Aiden on Twitter and let him know what you think about the book.

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