Other Creative Accountants - Volume 7

Have you ever seen something and thought "that was definitely made by an accountant!"??  Feast your eyes upon this glorious coffee mug:

Accountant Mug Balance the Books | Dave White Office Art Guy

Dave White is the Creative Accountant behind this and other products.  Dave sells this and other awesome products through "The Office Art Guy", which he started in 2017. You can check out his items at The Office Art Guy Etsy Store.

Here's how Dave got into this creative venture:

"I've been painting my entire life, but started creating humorous art of accounting concepts, as a creative outlet from what felt like the drudgery of my accounting job at the time. I put some of my art up for sale online and started to make sales, and it has grown from there!"

When not creating art as a Creative Accountant, Dave works as an independent contractor Accountant for a handful of various small businesses.  He's been in the accountant industry for 15 years.  That means he's old enough to fully appreciate this homage to the greatest lyrical accounting shoutout in musical history:

Dave White Office Art Guy | Greeting Card with Notorious BIG Outline and accountant lyrics atop red envelope and black pencil

(Also available at Dave's Etsy shop here - he also sells this design on other items as well including a wall print and an ornament)

Not looking for accounting gifts right now?  Check out the gifts for other professions and office roles.  You can also check out his other Etsy site - Artist Dave White - for non-accounting and non-office related prints.

You can check out Dave and our previously mentioned "Other Creative Accountants" on our website.  Know someone who is a Creative Accountant in a non-fraudulent way?  Send them this survey and I'll add them to my list!