Other Creative Accountants - Volume 6

Welcome to another edition of Other Creative Accountants!  Last week we featured Traci Lee from RamsGirl Design.  I mentioned in my last post that I ordered one of her knitting kits.  I haven't started yet but wanted to show you what was included in my kit!

Knitting Kit from RamsGirl Design Other Creative Accountants

More updates to come in future posts!  Now I'd like to introduce this week's Creative Accountant - C.P. Aiden!

C.P. Aiden is a Director of Financial Reporting at a private company, but 3 years ago, on a dare, decided to take a shot at writing office comedy novels about life in Big4 Accounting:

C.P. Aiden The Good Audit accounting themed novel with 10-key and mouse on front cover

I just ordered a copy of "The Good Audit" for myself and will write a Review afterwards.  C.P. Aiden has a sequel coming out soon, so then you can buy the full Compilation of stories.

You can check out links to C.P. Aiden's social media, as well as links to purchase his books, at our Other Creative Accountants page.  Will the sequel be different, or will it be S.A.L.B? (Same As Last Book)?  Stay tuned to find out!