Other Creative Accountants - Volume 4

Welcome to Volume 4 of "Other Creative Accountants", where I highlight the fun and creative side hustles of accountants.  Today's creative accountant is Mike Kowis.

By day, Mike is a corporate tax attorney for a large utility company.  By night, he writes and self-publishes nonfiction books.  Check out his latest book:

Mike Kowis American Tax Trivia

I first met Mike in 2019 at a writing workshop he was presenting.  At that workshop, I bought one of Mike's other books, "14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book", which was SUPER helpful for me on my own self-publishing journey with "General Ledger and the Kingdom of Balance". 

Outside of self-publishing and working as a corporate tax attorney, Mike also frequently competes in off-road races and won the 2019 Turbo SxS class Championship in the TORCS series.  

Visit our Other Creative Accountants page to check out links to Mike's website and his social media pages!