Other Creative Accountants | Lukas Sundahl

I love when I stumble upon another creative accountant on social media.  Today I saw one of my LinkedIn connections rocking this shirt:

Straight Outta Public Accounting t-shirt | Accounting Couture

Come to find out, it was purchased from Accounting Couture, which is owned by Lukas Sundahl. I quickly found out that Lukas was a fellow dad-joke enthusiast, as it was prominently displayed on his LinkedIn profile:

Lukas Sundahl LinkedIn Accounting Dad Joke Creator

In the words of Brennan Huff and and Dale Doback from Stepbrothers...did we just become best friends?? YUP!

Lukas has been selling accounting-themed shirts and accessories since the fall of 2021.  He was inspired by various social channels and wanted a fun creative outlet for accounting.

Lukas was originally an art major in college.  He became a personal trainer after college, then went back to school to study accounting/finance.  He has been in the accounting field for 12 years now, and in addition to running Accounting Couture works as a Controller and is also co-owner of a bookkeeping business.

You can follow Lukas on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, or visit his website to see the various awesome accounting-themed shirts and accessories available at Accounting Couture.

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