New Texas Greeting Card Collection

Before I was an accountant, I was a Texan. 

Ask any Texan to name one iconic thing about Texas and they’re sure to name at least one of the following: Whataburger, HEB, Kolaches, the Rodeo.

Or one of our less-glamorous aspects of living in Texas like sweating from May through October, or wearing shorts on Christmas.

Above all, we’re known for our southern hospitality.  But don’t mess with Texas, unless you want to end up like Robin Ventura against Nolan Ryan:

Nolan Ryan punching Robin Ventura

I felt obligated to not only share my accounting jokes with the world, but also extend that to my Texan roots:

Reply Y'all Greeting Card

I’ve been throwing “y’alls” around for as long as I can remember.  Quick lesson for you non-Texans, it means “you all”.  So instead of say “how are you all doing?”, we say “how’re y’all doin’?” Y'all get it now?

I’ve also been a fan of Houston hip hop since my first year of college at the University of Houston. As a child, back when I had no control over the car radio, I would listen to a mix of oldies, Armenian music, and the occasional erotic French song, but then in college I was introduced to Paul Wall and Chamillionaire.  Welcome to the land of poppin trunks, candy paint, and riding SLAB – or Slow Loud And Bangin:

SLAB Greeting Card

This one resonated with me the most as I watched my kids grow us as young babies to slightly older babies while crawling around, crying, and breaking things.

You can find these new card designs at my Texas Collection, and stay tuned for more Texan card designs in the future!