New Additions to RuBook Creative!

If you had your head buried in tax returns the past few weeks, you may have missed some of the new things going on at RuBook Creative.

Subscription Plan

We’re offering a new subscription plan!  Purchase an annual subscription plan for $25 and you’ll receive 1) a coupon code for $30 off your next order of $30 or more, and 2) a coupon code for 10% off other subsequent purchases throughout your subscription period.

This offer is just in time to stock up for:

  • End of busy season cards and gifts
  • Christmas or holiday cards for accounting friends, coworkers, clients, prospects, or referral sources
  • Gifts for White Elephant or other gift exchanges with accounting friends or coworkers
  • Cards and gifts for winter graduates
  • Loading up some cards of encouragement for the spring busy season

So click here to purchase a subscription plan and with your free $30 offer you can get 6 of our standard-sized cards, 3 cards and a copy of our accounting children’s book, 10 of our new stickers (see below!), or whatever other combination accounting gifts you'd like! 

New Stickers

We’ve got 6 new stickers! These stickers are made of a higher-quality matte vinyl and range from 3” x 1.25” to 3” x 2.5”. 

Click here to check out the following sticker 6-pack:

These stickers are great gifts for accountants during busy season, for accountants who are taking the CPA exam, and to celebrate accounting birthdays.  If you’d like to purchase individual stickers, you can do that here.

One of my favorite accounting jokes that I’ve made to date is “MACRS Mark”.  I’m sure a lot of tax accountants could use a MACRS Mark this time of year, so subscribe now and order a discounted round of stickers for your tax friends!