Meme Madness is Over, Busy Season Madness Lives On!

Meme Madness has come to an end and our champion has emerged from the original pack of 64 accounting memes: 

I just keep googling stuff and it keeps working meme

This meme always makes me giggle when I see it.  Maybe it’s because it gives me flashbacks to the early years of my own accounting career, when I didn’t really know what I was doing but was fortunately able to figure out how to do stuff in Excel. 

Do you know how old I am?  When I started my accounting career, we only had SUMIF with one criteria (take a second to think about how awful that is).  One day my manager told me that he needed me to solve for something that had multiple criteria, and Googling unearthed a recently released SUMIFS (plural) formula which made me look like a genius.

Although Meme Madness is over, you or someone you know is likely trudging through that final week of Busy Season Madness.  Send them a note of encouragement with one of our accounting-themed greeting cards, or schedule a gift or card to be sent to them for the following week after they take some time off (just pick a future delivery date at checkout!).

In other RuBook Creative news, we’ve hit a big milestone.  You all have enjoyed “General Ledger and the Kingdom of Balance” so much that I had to reorder another batch of copies, which just arrived!

Two stacks of cardboard boxes containing accounting children's books

While these books were still sitting on a ship in the Pacific Ocean waiting their turn to unload, I almost ran out of copies (shout out to the Reddit r/accounting thread for all the orders).  Just in time for summer, when all of your pregnant accounting friends are allowed to have their babies (unless they’re working on EBP Audits).

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book, order yours today! And if you’re looking for a baby shower gift for an accounting friend, check out our Accounting Baby Gift Pack which includes a book, card, and a onesie.