March Meme Madness - Round 3!

And just like that, only 16 Memes remain (including four double-digit seeds).

If you're joining us for the first time, we're having a Meme Madness bracket challenge, where we feature various accounting and business related memes from the past year.

Here are some key takeaways from each region:

1. The Accounting Region

The 16 seed is copy/pasting its way to victory.  Can anything stop it??

Keyboard with three buttons Ctrl C and V 

2. The Excel Region

The top seed in the Excel Region cruised to another big victory and is looking like a lock to advance to the next round

Image of character from Rick and Morty saying "I just keep googling stuff and it keeps working"

3. The Busy Season Region

Everyone must be really feeling themselves in the #14 seed as they slog through another week of busy season, because it's moving on to the Sweet 16:

Picture of little girl with messy hair looking like she just woke up, caption states "do you think I can start reviewing tomorrow morning", "me who hasn't even started"

4. The Business Region

The #2 seed cruised to a resounding win as voters drifted away to the many exotic locales on their Windows lock screen while trying to get momentary escapes from the realities of life:

Image of Windows lock screen with caption stating "The place I visited most this year"

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