March Meme Madness is Here!

IT’S SELECTION SUNDAY!!!  The precursor to three weeks of sheer madness on top of the madness those of you still enduring busy season are going through.

Last year we held a Busy Season Madness bracket challenge that featured accountants from movies and tv shows.  This year we’re having Meme Madness, where we feature various accounting and business related memes from the past year.

This year’s regions and their respective #1 seeds include:

1. The Accounting Region

LeBron James (Partner) telling Austin Reaves (staff) rollforward the work papers then SALY for everything, Reaves is overwhelmed

2. The Excel Region

Meme of person saying they just keep googling stuff in Excel and it keeps working

3. The Busy Season Region

Ben Affleck smoking memes.  when client asks if the attachment is what you needed, you say yes, then you open the attachment and realize it wasn't.

4. The Business Region

Meme of Young Thug.  Labeled "Me Converting excel into a PDF for my boss", and boss is sitting watching. 

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