It's Quitting Season!

Whether accountants are considering making the transition from public accounting to industry or just switching firms, it's prime time for quitting!

  1. Busy season is over
  2. You got your bonus
  3. You found out your raise
  4. You found out whether you got that promotion you were expecting

For accounting firms, you'll soon be finding out how many senior associates you're losing, which could be a major staffing problem if you haven't invested in robots yet:

(Illustration Credit Greg Kyte, CPA)

Accounting Greeting Card Halloween Accountant Robot

Send your departing employees off with a thoughtful greeting card to let them know you'll take them back when they realize the grass isn't greener on the other side:


...Or maybe if you had been sending your employees thoughtful accounting greeting cards and gifts throughout the year, you wouldn't have to worry about them leaving.