It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like You Need to Start Christmas Shopping

Technically you still have about two more weeks to procrastinate if you have Amazon Prime.  But there is always that one person who is the hardest to shop for that you should probably start thinking about right now so you don’t end up buying them a sports hamper.

What's Up with the Sports Hamper?

I’m really not a difficult person to shop for.  I like booze (no Fireball, please, if that’s even still a thing), coffee, Audible gift cards, fancy bars of soap

But one sad Christmas, I received a “sports hamper”:


Cue Wham! "And the very next day, I gave it away."

"I’d love to have a sports-themed hamper to slam dunk dirty clothes into" –any seven-year old child

The problem was that I was 22 years old.  TWENTY-TWO.  I would’ve gladly accepted a $10 bottle of 99 Bananas back then.  Instead, I dropped the sports hamper off at Goodwill and hopefully was able to make a seven-year-old very happy.

Shopping for Gifts for Accountants?

Whether you’re an accountant shopping for another accountant, or a non-accountant shopping for an accounting friend or family member, we’ve got you covered.

Purchase our Accounting Gift Box and you won’t be eternally shamed on an online “Worst Christmas Gifts Ever” list:

  • You can pick one of our accounting-themed holiday cards, which come with a ledger-paper lined envelope
  • Give us your personalized message at checkout and we’ll handwrite it for you in the card
  • We’ll include our accounting-themed children’s book, giftwrapped in ledger paper

Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is included, and we send it straight to the recipient, so just sit back and wait for the “OMG I LOVE THE GIFT” text messages to roll in.

If you’re buying multiples, just include one gift per transaction so you can input the recipients shipping information at each checkout.  For larger quantities, feel free to send an email to and I’ll send you a separate invoice so you can just make a single payment.

If you’re still wanting to send out accounting-themed Christmas cards, there is still time! You can see our selection of holiday cards here.