I Just Binge-Watched FloQast's PBC Show

My new year's resolution as been to wake up at 5am to work on RuBook Creative, but this morning my body told me I should wake up at 4:30am.  Why? I've been wanting to watch FloQast's PBC show and it's not really the kind of show that my non-accountant wife or children would enjoy.  After all, it's "by accountants, for accountants".

So rather than trying to explain to non-accountants who Peter Olinto is or what a trial balance is, I figured it would be best for me to invest my Sunday early morning hours in binge-watching PBC myself. You're welcome, family, I've spared you two hours of your life.

For me though, it was two hours well spent.  It made me reflect back on my own career choices and boy am I glad I didn't go into audit.  5 client-facing weeks of a Big 4 audit internship was enough to turn me away, and fortunately for me I found an opportunity in forensic accounting - which is really what every auditor WANTS to do anyways, right?  Just see how happy the accountants and auditors in PBC are when they find fraud.

Overall, I'd say the show is fairly accurate.  A few observations and memorable quotes:

  • 20 seconds in and they show someone working on an Excel spreadsheet.  You can't get much more accurate than that!
  • "Most auditors are like 22 and don't really know what they're doing." 100% agree - I feel like I didn't really know what I was doing until I was 4 years in (fortunately I was good at Excel)
  • "There's always other jobs, alright?  But you know the deal, you only get one reputation" -- Peter Olinto.

The only thing I didn't appreciate is when someone said the workplace was a "pun-free zone".  Why would anyplace WANT to be a pun-free zone?  Do they see humor as some form of pun-ishment or something??

If you'll excuse me, I need to go superimpose my face on an image of my new favorite superhero -  "The Pun-isher".