How would you react if you got a potato in the mail?

I recently saw a Facebook ad for Potato Parcel, which is a service that will mail someone a potato with a message or picture on it.  

Ludicrous, or genius?

I say genius.  If I get a potato in the mail, I'm not going to just throw it in the garbage (like I do with the annual birthday card I get from my parents' former insurance agent for a policy they opened for me 36 years ago).  A potato card is guaranteed to get a text or phone call from me.  Maybe even a second picture message or social media shoutout when I'm cooking said potato.

On the downside:

  • It's pricier than a regular greeting card (about $20 before upgrading to a gift box), so it's less likely that I'll be willing to send this out to a large distribution list.
  • I think the allure of getting a potato card is a one-time thing.  In subsequent years I'd rather just get a card that says "remember when I sent you that potato?" instead of getting another potato in the mail.

It's all about getting a reaction

The beauty of accounting-themed greeting cards for your accounting friends, clients, and prospects is that much like the potato card, it is guaranteed to elicit a reaction.  How would you react if you received an accounting-themed greeting card?  I bet you'd feel like someone worked really hard to find that card just for you, and it would stand out amongst the non-accounting cards/ecards/messages you received from everyone else.

Test it out with your own network of accountants this holiday season.  Check out our selection of accounting-themed holiday cards and send some out to your own friends, coworkers, clients or prospects.  If you don't get a reaction, maybe try a potato next time.