Happy Accrued Floating Holiday, Tax People!

When I was in college I always heard about the annual busy season that accountants had to deal with, but it was always referred to as a singular busy “season”, not “seasons”.  Then after working in public accounting I come to find out that tax professionals have TWO busy seasons.  I’m fairly certain this was never advertised to college students (or maybe I just never paid attention in tax class, which is extremely possible).

So who has it worse? Auditors or tax professionals?  Let’s do a quick comparison:

  • Auditors can enjoy some time off during the long Labor Day weekend, while tax folks will be working (unless they’re “Quiet Quitting”)
  • While auditors don’t have to deal with the IRS, they do have to endure peer review
  • Tax professionals have to work with hundreds of different clients every year, while auditors have a fraction of that
  • If a tax practitioner goes insane working for a firm, it’s generally easier for them to start their own practice than it is for auditors

Is there a clear-cut winner?  Probably not, but at least we can all agree that auditors win this weekend.

If you know a tax accountant, check in on them these next few weeks.  Send them one of our tax-themed greeting cards (below) letting them know you’re thinking about them this busy season and that you’ll be ready to socialize with them on their floating holiday.

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