Death, Taxes & Coffee

Ben Franklin was a pretty smart guy and coined the phrase about "Death and Taxes" being the only two certainties in life.  Well for accountants, coffee is the third certainty.

My first all-nighter in college was powered by Starbucks Doubleshot Espressos (yes, plural).  When I was studying for the CPA exam I'd alternate between black coffee and Diet Mountain Dew (no, I never mixed them).  

My taste is a little more refined nowadays.  I start every morning by making a french press of coffee with freshly ground coffee beans.  No sugar or sugary creamer, just a little bit of whole milk (although I've recently tried Oatmilk and I'm a fan!).

I like trying different varieties of coffee beans.  I heard about D.A.D. Coffee Company through a friend and thought I'd give it a shot.  I've tried nearly every blend and have been highly impressed!  You can read more about their bean, which is sourced from Africa then roasted locally, on their website or Instagram.

Hesitant to try a full bag? Worried about cheating on our current go-to coffee brand?  Relax. It's not like I'm asking you to switch auditors.  It's just coffee.

To make it easier, I've included samples of D.A.D. Coffee Company in my latest accounting gift box, which includes:

  • sample packs of D.A.D. Coffee Company's medium and dark roasts, enough for 3-4 cups of coffee
  • a tin of Debit and Credit mints to mask your coffee breath
  • a RuBook Creative greeting card of your choice

Order the box for yourself, or send it as a gift to an accounting friend. They need the caffeine.

P.S. Here's my favorite coffee mug! I found it at Spencer's Gifts over 10 years ago.  I bought all six on the shelf.  Not so that I could share it with friends, but so if I broke it I'd have backups.

Accountant coffee mug that reads I Love Spreadsheets