Busy Season Madness - The Big 4

The Big 8 has been whittled down to the Big 4.  Before you click here to vote for the Big Four, check out how your favorite accounts fared in the prior round:

Audit Division:

1 Seed Christian Wolff (The Accountant) vs. 7 Seed Count von Count (Sesame Street)

The overall #1 seed Christian Wolff, and hero to fellow forensic accountants everywhere, has fallen.  After the matchup, the Count was heard boasting "Christian Wolff, Teen Wolf, werewolf, it doesn't matter.  I'm a freaking vampire. AH AH AHHHHH."


Tax Division

4 Seed Ben Wyatt (Parks & Recreation) vs. 14 Seed Louis Tully (Ghostbusters)

Ben Wyatt is in the Big 4, and Pawneeans everywhere are thrilled.  Tully was always overshadowed by the other Ghostbusters, and was simply no match for Wyatt.  After the game, Wyatt exuberantly exclaimed "THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, LI'L SEBASTIAN!!"


Cash Flow Division

1 Seed Gordan Gekko (Wall Street) vs. 6 Seed Marty Byrde (Ozark)

Gekko is the only remaining #1 seed as he accomplishes something that no opponent has ever done - he beat Marty Byrde.  Now he faces a dilemma as he controls his own destiny - does he bet on himself, or short his own stock and take a dive?  


Ethics & Compliance Division

5 Seed George Bluth Sr. (Arrested Development) vs. 3 Seed Danny Ocean (Ocean's Eleven)

George Bluth seems to have subbed himself out for his twin brother Oscar in this round, because Danny Ocean coasted to the Big 4.  Can Danny pull off another heist against the Cash Flow Division's number 1 seed?