Busy Season Madness - Sweet 16 Results & Elite 8 Voting

Round 3 is in the books.  Before you click here to move on to vote in the Elite Eight round, check out how your favorite accounts fared in Round 3:

Audit Division:

1 Seed Christian Wolff (The Accountant) vs. 12 Seed Jack Ryan (Jack Ryan)

Jack Ryan had been coasting through the tournament but ran into a brick wall against Christian Wolff as the overall #1 seed moves on to the Elite 8.

14 Seed Bill Lumbergh (Office Space) vs. 7 Seed Count von Count (Sesame Street)

Tell your kids not to worry, The Count lives to play another round!



Tax Division

9 Seed Oscar Martinez (The Office) vs. 4 Seed Ben Wyatt (Parks & Recreation)

In a close matchup, Ben Wyatt edges out Oscar Martinez. Voters are left to argue about whether the Office is still funnier than Parks & Rec.

14 Seed Louis Tully (Ghostbusters) vs. 15 Seed Notorious BIG's Accountant

The only "Big Poppa" Louis Tully is worried about is the Stay-Put Marshmallow Man.  He breezes past Notorious BIG's Accountant.


Cash Flow Division

1 Seed Gordan Gekko (Wall Street) vs. 12 Seed Billy Ray Valentine (Trading Places)

Gordan Gekko kicks Billy Ray Valentine back to the streets as he blows past he 12 seed into the Elite Eight.

6 Seed Marty Byrde (Ozark) vs. 10 Seed Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness)

Marty has his eyes set on a matchup with Gekko in the next round as he breezes past Chris Gardner.


Ethics & Compliance Division

1 Seed Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Catch Me If You Can) vs. 5 Seed George Bluth Sr. (Arrested Development)

In a battle of Jr. vs. Sr., the Frank Abagnale couldn't catch up with George Bluth.

2 Seed Ryan Howard (The Office) vs. 3 Seed Danny Ocean (Ocean's Eleven)

The Con-noisseur gets past the former Office intern and looks ahead to face George Bluth Sr. in the next round.