Busy Season Madness - Round 2 Results and Sweet 16 Matchups

Round 2 is in the books.  Before you move on to vote in the Sweet Sixteen round, check out how your favorite accounts fared in Round 2:

Audit Division:

1 Seed Christian Wolff (The Accountant) vs. 8 Seed Norm Peterson (Cheers)

Sorry Norm, but if you want to go where everybody knows your name, that place is not the Sweet Sixteen.  The overall #1 seed Christian Wolff moves on.

2 Seed Kevin Malone (The Office) vs. 7 Seed Count von Count (Sesame Street)

Just when you think things are going so well for Kevin Malone, he always seems to mess things up (remember when he dropped the pot of chili then swam in it??).  The kids (or nostalgic parents) came out to vote and the Count moves on to the Sesame Sweet Sixteen.

11 Seed Guillermo Pallomari (Narcos) vs. 14 Seed Bill Lumbergh (Office Space)

In what has been one of the Cinderella stories of this tournament, Bill Lumbergh decided it would be greeeeeaat if he could continue to play through the weekend.  He has a tough matchup against Count von Count in the next round.

12 Seed Jack Ryan (Jack Ryan) vs. 13 Seed Dana Cummings (The Accountant)

Junior accountant Dana Cummings was simply starstruck during this round as Jack Ryan easily advances to the Sweet Sixteen, but he’ll face Dana’s hero, Christian Wolff, the overall #1 seed in what’s sure to be a primetime matchup.


Tax Division

9 Seed Oscar Martinez (The Office) vs. 16 Seed Grady Fletcher (Murder She Wrote)

After a close matchup in Round 1, Oscar Martinez [Murder She] Wrote Off Grady Fletcher to advance to the next round.

7 Seed Albert Brennaman (Hitch) vs. 15 Seed Notorious BIG's Accountant

Does anyone actually know who Notorious BIG’s Accountant is? That hasn’t stopped them from dominating this tournament as they blow by Albert Brennaman.

11 Seed Paul Giamatti Celebrity Accountant vs. 14 Seed Louis Tully (Ghostbusters)

Volkswagen’s are ok, but clearly we still hold a grudge against anyone associated with VW from the emissions scandal as Ghostbuster Louis Tully goes on to face Notorious BIG’s Accountant in a previously unheard of 14/15 seed matchup.

4 Seed Ben Wyatt (Parks & Recreation) vs. 5 Seed Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

Ben Wyatt’s been to the big stage before (he used to be a mayor, you know), and he thinks he can win this whole tournament but Oscar Martinez awaits him in the next round.


Cash Flow Division

1 Seed Gordan Gekko (Wall Street) vs. 9 Seed Bud Fox (Wall Street)

Greedy Gordan Gekko is dominating his division, as young Bud Fox will have to wait til the sequel to try to overtake Gekko.

2 Seed Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) vs. 10 Seed Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness)

Upset alert!! 10 Seed Chris Gardner squeaks past Jordan Belfort to advance to the Sweet 16.

3 Seed Randolph & Mortimer Duke (Trading Places) vs. 6 Seed Marty Byrde (Ozark)

Marty Byrde somehow always finds a way to survive as he gets past the Dukes, but he’ll face the upset-minded Chris Gardner in the next round.

4 Seed Bobby Axelrod (Billions) vs. 12 Seed Billy Ray Valentine (Trading Places)

In a truly unexpected outcome, Billy Ray Valentine powers past Bobby Axelrod.  But with no more possibility of facing the Dukes, will Valentine still have the motivation to win?  We’ll see as he faces the Cash Flow Divisions #1 seed Gordan Gekko in the next round.


Ethics & Compliance Division

1 Seed Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Catch Me If You Can) vs. 8 Seed Michael Corleone (The Godfather)

Frank Abagnale Jr took an early lead and couldn’t be caught, and voters undoubtedly remembered how bad Godfather 3 was as Michael Corleone falls.

2 Seed Ryan Howard (The Office) vs. 7 Seed Jimmy Pope (Syriana)

Ryan Howard must’ve learned a thing or two in business school as the former intern cruises past the more experienced businessman Jimmy Pope to advance to the Sweet 16.

3 Seed Danny Ocean (Ocean's Eleven) vs. 11 Seed Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad)

In a close matchup, Danny Ocean pulls off the win against chicken man Gustavo Fring as the top 3 seeds in this division advance.

5 Seed George Bluth Sr. (Arrested Development) vs. 13 Seed Gavin Belson (Silicon Valley)

The Bluth Company’s Patriarch takes care of business as Gavin Belson runs out of steam, but a next round matchup against the division’s #1 seed may be too much for Bluth.