Accountants Really Should Celebrate Christmas in July

Ah July, time for all you audit and tax professionals to use up your PTO (well, except for you poor saps with 6/30 YE clients or those of you working on EBPs or 990s).

The Hallmark Channel isn’t the only one celebrating Christmas in July.  Taking PTO after this particularly grueling busy season really feels like Christmas came early.  Whether you’re taking a trip or binge-watching Hallmark’s full slate of cheezy-yet-surprisingly-addictive-and-feel-good Christmas movies (which you can find here)

It’s a shame there’s no accounting-themed Hallmark Christmas Movie yet.  So many possibilities!

A love story about a staff auditor doing a year-end inventory who falls for the client’s daughter (let's call her Sally).  Sally distracts the auditor in an effort to inflate his inventory count in order to prevent the company from breaching its loan covenants.  But the two begin falling in love, and the client’s daughter contemplates then eventually decides on confessing to her new lover.  The auditor consoles her, then says “I am so getting fired for this” after a gratuitous (for Hallmark channel, at least) make out scene.  The audit partner steps in and fires the bamboozled staff auditor.  After the inventory is accurately counted and restated on the books, the bank recalls the loan due to the breached covenant.  Flashforward to next busy season and the auditor gets a job with a new firm, then finds himself in the same situation on the next year’s inventory.

10 out of 10 accountants would watch this, but until Hallmark ups their accounting-themed movie game, you can settle for our accounting-themed holiday cards.

With most firms returning to premises by late summer, it’s not too early to think about Holiday cards for your coworkers, clients, and friends.  Make a lasting impression with some of our accounting themed Christmas cards!

Stay tuned for more posts throughout the month of some of our new designs and collaborations with Other Creative Accountants!