2022 Holiday and Christmas Gift Guide for Accountants

It's almost December, which means its time to stop procrastinating on holiday shopping.  Even if you trust Amazon Prime to ship your December 20ish order in time for Christmas, do they even have good gifts for accountants?

Whether you're looking to buy a gift this holiday season for an accounting loved one, coworker, or client/prospect, here are some "Do's and Don'ts" to consider.

What Accountants DON'T Want

Think back to the last annoying conversation you had with a non-accountant around Christmas time.  It may have gone something like this:

Non-Accountant: "Did you get a new calculator for Christmas? Ah ha ha, ah ha ha, ah hah..." 

You: "I don't use a calculator, I do everything in Excel"

Non-Accountant: "Whoa no calculator? Still using the ole Abacus? Ah ha ha, ah ha ha, ah hah..."

Accountants don't want a new calculator.  If an accountant uses a calculator, it's a trusted old 10-key from years ago, and there's no real reason to upgrade to an 11-key, unless you're a member of Spinal Tap


Here's a list of things not to get an accountant for Christmas:

  • Calculator
  • Necktie
  • Tickets to an event from January to May
  • A pet (unless it hibernates from January to May)

What Accountants DO Want

Whether you're shopping for an office White Elephant party or Holiday Gift exchange, a business contact, or for a friend or loved one, here are some gift options that any accountant would love this holiday season:

Liquid assets

Accountants greatly value cash or gift cards.  In fact, they're at the top of their Chart of Accounts...err I mean Christmas List.  Top notch gift cards that you can never go wrong with include:

  • Starbucks - every accountant's go-go juice during busy season
  • Amazon - duh, just as good as cash
  • DoorDash - I'm willing to spend $20 to have Taco Bell delivered to me when that $20 was a gift
  • Audible - when you need to find some inspiration, or some entertainment during your commute

But don't just hand someone a gift card or a crisp bill, dress it up with an accounting-themed Christmas card or holiday card from RuBook Creative!  Each card comes with a ledger-paper lined envelope and a message that is sure to make any accountant smile.  Check out the collection here.



If your gift to someone ends up in a closet for 2 years then finally makes its way to Goodwill (not in an accounting-sense, get your mind out of the ledger), then it's not a good gift.

That's why I like to gift consumable items.  Whether it's food or paper goods, consumables have a shelf-life and are eventually going to get used up.  Here are some options:

  • Snack mixes - great for munching on the couch while watching cheesy holiday movies or binge-watching Netflix, or if it lasts until January it'll get eaten during busy season.  I like the gourmet snack and nut mixes from the FredLyn Nut Company.  They're based near me in Houston but ship anywhere.  Check them out!
  • Calendars - a 365-day cat calendar can add a daily smile during an otherwise emotionally taxing busy season.  Or check out our 12-month Accounting-Themed 2023 Desk Calendar!
  • Paper Products - I carry a Moleskine notebook with me wherever I go.  I have a 7.5x10" notebook I keep in my computer bag, and some pocket-sized pads I can carry with me anywhere I go.  You can also check out our 60-page ledger-paper notepads (3.5"x4") that come with our Accounting Gift Pack (shown below)


Shopping for Office Holiday Gift Exchanges

Got a $25 limit for an office gift exchange?  Impress your accounting friends and coworkers with the gifts above or any of the following gifts that are sure to be the talk of any holiday party:

Books by Accountants

Here are five books by accountants, for accountants, that are certain to make any gift recipient say "OMG WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS??":

  • General Ledger and the Kingdom of Balance - my favorite, for obvious reasons (I wrote it!): When the Kingdom of Balance falls out of balance, King Cash calls on his most trusted advisor, General Ledger, to lead his Army Account-Ants to the lands of Debit and Credit in order to find the cause before Balance sinks into Bankrupt Sea.
  • What's Your "And"? - Read about the different passions accountants have outside of the workplace:  How sharing your personal passions improves work performance, builds culture, and strengthens relationships with colleagues and clients (and bosses, too). 
  • American Tax Trivia - be the talk of the next tax happy hour with these tax trivia questions that may even challenge the most seasoned tax partner:  In this fun-filled trivia book, seasoned tax attorney Mike Kowis challenges readers to 250 questions about American taxation. This quiz book covers amusing tax quotes, history of U.S. taxation, the Internal Revenue Code, important case law, the Internal Revenue Service, tax forms, audits, politics, and much more!
  • The Good Audit - this "office comedy novel" will make you feel good about your own audit team.  You can also purchase the sequel - "Restatement": a true-to-life satire poking fun at the work, life, and culture inside today’s largest public accounting firms.
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be...An AccountantA children’s fiction picture book that exposes children to the world of accounting. This book allows children of diverse backgrounds to see themselves on the pages through creative and colorful artwork. This book is written for the future accountants. The author hopes that students at an early age hear about accounting and can see themselves.

Booze for Accountants

Alcohol is probably to most frequently purchased item for office gift exchanges.  I remember during the height of the Fireball craze, multiple people brought a "Bucket of Fireball", which contained 20 mini-bottles of the cinnamon whiskey that still makes me cringe.

If you're going to buy booze for your office White Elephant party, class it up by upgrading a mini-bottle of Maker's Mark with our MACRS Mark Accounting Stickers:

 Makers Mark bottle with MACRS Mark accounting sticker

I hope these gift ideas are helpful for you this holiday season when you're shopping for gifts for the accountant in your life!